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Indian Ordinance Factory Products
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.32" IOF Pistol ASHANI


For cleaning, lubrication, checking etc. The users should proceed as per following guidelines.

Caution : Make sure the Pistol is fully unloaded before disassembling. Remove the magazine as shown in figure.No further disassembly is recommended.

Cleaning and lubricating :

How to maintain

  1. Clean the barrel with the cleaning brush supplied and a piece of flannel. Use standard gun oil.
  2. Ensure the barrel is absolutely clean and dry.
  3. Clean the slide and recoil spring with the standart gun oil. Use a soft brush if necessary.
  4. Lightly oil inside and outside of the barrel, slide and recoil spring.
  5. While cleaning pay special attention to the slide guide and to the extractor movement.
  6. Clean and lubricate the receiver guide.

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