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Indian Ordinance Factory Products
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.32" IOF( Indian Ordinance Factory) Pistol (ASHANI)

This is not a Govt. site. Please click the link below to go to the Ordnance Factory Board website.


User Manual


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Description and Characteristics
General Operation
Technical Feature and Data
Loading & Firing
Un-loading the Pistol
Un-loading the Magazine
Trouble Shooting
Parts List



Picture of 32 IOF Pistol ASHANI

Application Form booking of Pistol is given below:

1. Gun & Shell Factory, Cossipore (The Booking for .32 Ashani Pistol at GSF, Cossipore is currently closed. As per factory officials fresh booking of .32 Ashani Pistol will shortly start from the OFB website www.ofb.gov.in in the form of e-booking.)  
2. Ordnance Cable Factory, Chandigarh. (Booking closed till further notice)  
3. Heavy Vehicles Factory, Chennai.  

4. Ordnance Factory, Muradnagar.


Ashani Pistol - An Analysis

The internal mechanism is very sturdy and durable, it is a copy of the legendary .32 Colt Pistol. There are cosmetic changes and it appears externally as a copy of .32 Browning Pistol. Like Colt it has an internal hammer mechanism which makes it fail-safe during firing operation. The grip safety feature makes it more safer apart from the safety lock. The construction of the slide and the body is sturdy and it doesn't get damaged easily. Overall it is a value for money deal.

  1. Magazine: The design and construction of the magazine is faulty which results in jamming and/ or improper feeding of the ammunition. There is no support to the feeding lips at the rear end as a result of which feeding problem occurs arize early. The base of the magazine is permanent welded and removal of minor dents on the shell become difficult.
  2. Barrel Lock: The design is faulty as a result of which it gets loose and comes out. Many times the barrel lock along with the main spring gets lost and there are a few cases in which even the barrel gets lost. Now the pistols which are released from the factory have barrel lock permanently fixed by Araldite.
  3. Grips: Plastic grips break down very quickly.
  4. Nickle Colour: Most of the people don't like the Nickle colour.



  1. Magazine: Improved design magazine can be purchased from your local gunsmith who has years of experiance behind him (or) you can contact us to help in locating one.

  2. Barrel Lock: Better designed Barrel Lock is available which does not gets loose unless intentionally done.

  3. Grips: You can change to a wooden one of your choice which are available in different designs at reasonable price with your local dealer or ask him to source them for you.You can view them HERE.

  4. Nickle can be easily stripped down using chemical provided by us. The pistol can then be easily blued using hot caustic soda method. (email for details)

  5. Ventilated Rib: We provide ventilated rib to be pernmanently fixed by gas welding at the fore-end and back-end on the slide of the pistol. This makes the slide heavy and consequently decreases recoil.

  6. Magazine release button: Presently both hands are required to remove the magazine from its well. We can modify your pistol so that the magazine releases by pushing button on the side of the grip using right hand thumb. (Pictures shown below) After fitting this button your pistol would now fire with magazine removed and would let you safely uncock the hammer.

Modified .32 Ashani Pistol

Modified IOF PistolPistol with Ventilated Rib and CNC finger Grips

IOF Pistol with button Magazine releaseModified Pistol with Magazine release button


Tips for getting .32 Ashani Pistol

  1. Download the Booking Form from the Web and Complete it.

  2. Payment can be made by way of D.D as per the details in the Application Form or by cash at the Gun and Shell Factory, Cossipore, Kolkata.

  3. Pre-requisites: (a) Your arms licence should have valid Purchase Period.
    (b) If the license validity area doesn't cover Cossipore (W.Bengal) you should get NOC under Rule 50 of Arms Rules 1962 from licensing authority which issued you the license or the one which issued you P.P.

  4. How to get transport license issued:
    (a) Deposit Rs.100/- in the government treasury by filling Challan Receipt.
    (b) Write an application for getting T.L. in Form-XX and attach NOC and Treasury Receipt of Rs.100/- with it and deposit it with the Arms Branch, D.C. office, Calcutta. You will get the T.L issued in a short period of time.
  5. Getting the weapon:

    (a) Please contact the Gun and Shell Factory by telephone before going to the Factory premises for buying the weapon.

    (b) Reporting time at the Factory Gate is 8:30 A.M. not later than 9A.M., along with original license with valid P.P. and T.L. issued by DM, Calcutta.

    (c) Delivery of the Pistols starts from 11A.M. and continues up to 5 P.M.


Contact Details:

The General Manager
Gun & Shell Factory
Cossipore, Kolkata-700002
Phone No. 033-25567773,
25574423-4424-4284-6428 (Ext. 471), 25575432 (Direct)
Fax No. 033-25574390
E-mail: gaf@cal.vsnl.net.in

The Secretary
Ordnance Factory Board
(Civil Trade & Export)
10-A, S.K. Bose Road
Kolkata – 700001
Ph. (033) 22489027
Fax: (033) 2210826

Service Centre:

The General Manager
Ordnance Cable Factory,
183, Industrial Area, Phase-1,
Ph. No. 0172-650577, 855368, 650481, 850528.
Fax No. 0172-855369.
Days of working: Wednesday: Time 9.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

(3rd week of every month) Thursday: Time: 9.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.




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 Tel: +91-183-2222 841 / 222 5316 (10A.M to 6.30 P.M IST)


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