(Authority letter is to be submitted by representative at the time of collection)

From: -

Name: -                         _____________________                             

S/O, D/O, W/O:  -          _____________________

Address: -                     _____________________




Pin Code: _____________________Telephone No_____________________




The General Manager,

Small Arms Factory,

Kalpi Road, Kanpur

PIN: 208 009


Sub: Authority for taking delivery of 0.32" Revolver

                               Ref: 1.   Registration No.

                                                              2.   SAF.Kanpur letter No.


Dear Sir.


Shri_________________________________________S/O_________________________________, and who

Is R/O_____________________________________________________ Is hereby authorized to take

Delivery    of    the    Revolver    allotted    vide    Small    Arms    Factory, Kanpur, letter

No. ______________________dated _____________against my Arms License No. _____________________from Small Arms Factory, Kanpur and sign all documents on my behalf.

I am fully aware that this authority letter is issued entirely at my risk and responsibility and the General Manger, Small Arms Factory, Kanpur will bear no liability, whatsoever, after delivery to the revolver to my accredited representative.


Specimen signatures of the accredited representative are attested below: -





Yours faithfully


(Signature of allot tee)