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Indian Ordinance Factory Products
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.32" IOF Revolver ( Indian Ordinance Factory, Kanpur)

Instruction Manual (Factory Supplied)

This is not a Govt. Site. Please click the link below to go to the Ordnance Factory Board Website.



  1. Introduction
  2. How to load the revolver
  3. Now it is ready for firing
  4. Safety
  5. Oiling & Maintenance
  6. Parts detail Sketch
  7. General characteristics
  8. Do's and Dont's
Application Form booking of Revolver is given below:
   1. Small Arms Factory, Kanpur.
   2. Field Gun Factory, Kanpur,
   3. Machine Tools Prototype Factory, Ambarnath.
   4. Ordnance Cable Factory, Chandigarh.(Booking closed till further notice)
   5. Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur.
   6. Heavy Vehicles Factory, Chennai.
   7. Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, Nagpur.
   8. Ordnance Factory, Muradnagar.

.32 MK 1- An Analysis


The internal mechanism is very sturdy and durable, it is a part copy of the Webley and part copy of Smith & Wesson. The construction is such that it is easy and cost effective to produce. It has a safety lock, barrel opening, cylinder and overall shape like Webley revolver. The internal mechanism is somewhat like a crude copy of Smith-Wesson. Overall it is a value for money deal.

1. Grips: The grips are ill-fit. This is more because of non-standard manufacturing process. The body is investment casted and then CNC machined for internal components. The external grip shape is manually made and hence such problems. If you look at the webley revolver also, the grip fitting is not tight and snug as of the other imported pistols.

2. External Finish: The weapon is powder coated for a durable finish. But, unfortunately most of the people do not like this kind of cheap finish, they prefer the conventional blue-black blued finish. The numbering and markings are also very light.



1. Grips: Beautiful grips can be purchased from your local gunsmith or can be sourced from us.
2. Bluing: Powder coating can be removed and the weapon blued for a beautiful finish.
Bluing salts can be purchased from us.
Caution: The original powder coating is much more durable than the conventional bluing.


Tips for getting .32 IOF Revolver MK-1 (Kanpur)

1. Download the Booking Form from the Web and Complete it.

2. Payment can be made by way of D.D as per the details in the Application Form.

3. Pre-requisites:
(a) Your arms licence should have valid Purchase Period.
(b) If the license validity area doesn't cover Kanpur(Uttar Pradesh) you should get NOC under Rule 50 of Arms Rules 1962 from licensing authority which issued you the license or the one which issued you P.P.

4. How to get transport license issued in Kanpur:

(a) Deposit Rs.100/- in the government treasury by filling Challan Receipt, which is located at the back side of D.C. office, Kanpur. Timing are 10 A.M. to 12 P.M.

(b) Write an application for getting T.L. in Form-XX and attach NOC and Treasury Receipt of Rs.100/- with it and deposit it with the Arms Branch, D.C. office, Kanpur. In 15-20 minutes your T.L. will be ready.

(c) If you get late i.e. after 12noon. You will have to fill the Challan-Receipt form, get it signed from Arms Branch, Kanpur and then deposit the money with S.B.I. (Banks are not quite near the D.C. office). After depositing the money the application form along with NOC & 32-A challan receipt will be required to be deposited with the Arm Branch. You cannot be sure if it will be signed on that day or not because all the external duties of ADC, Kanpur are reserved for the late half of the day.

5. Getting the weapon:

(a) Both the factories Small Arms Factory and Field Gun Factory, Kanpur are located 5-6 Kms away from the Railway station. One can take a three wheeler for Kalpi Road and the first factory on the Right hand side is the Field Gun Factory. A little farther away on the left hand side is the Small Arms Factory.

(b) Reporting time at the Factory Gate is 8:30 A.M. not later than 9A.M., along with original license with valid P.P. and/or T.L. issued by DM, Kanpur.

(c) Delivery of the Revolvers starts from 11A.M. and continues up to 5 P.M.



Contact Details:

  The General Manager
Small Arms Factory
Kalpi Road, Kanpur- 208 009
Phone No. (0512)-2295042 to 46
Fax No. (0512)-2296229

  The General Manager
Field Gun Factory
Kalpi Road, Kanpur- 208 009
Phone No. (0512) 2295100 to 104
Fax No. (0512)




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