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Terms And Conditions Of Sale
  1. 1. Orders will be accepted in prescribed form only. Which can be obtained from the factory or downloaded from internet website www.ofb.gov.in or www.ofb



    2. Orders from Indian Citizens having valid Arms License for NP bore revolver issued by appropriate Civil Authority will only be registered. (Application form must accompany attested copy of Arms Licence & a Self Addressed Registered Envelop).


    3. An applicant can book one revolver at a time.


    4. Payment of Rs.84082/- will be required through Bank Draft in favour of  GM/SAF, Kanpur with Application  Form. The advance deposit will be adjusted in the final bill on maturity of the order. In case of cancellation of order on customer’s request, Rs.1000/- will be deducted as Service/Cancellation charge.


    5. Incomplete Forms will summarily be rejected. General Manager, Small Arms Factory, reserves the right torefuse to book any order without assigning any reason what so ever without giving any notice.


    6. Advice Note to individuals to complete the formalities against order will be issued in time depending upon production/stock, strictly in sequence of Serial No. Of priority allocated. The formalities required to be completed are as

    indicated below:


    If the terms and conditions are acceptable, the individual may return the Acceptance Note duly filled in, along with payment and other specified documents i.e. i) Crossed Bank Draft in favour of GM/SAF for the amount as will be indicated in the Advice Note, ii) Original Arms Licence for revolver valid at the time of delivery of the revolver and iii) any other document required under Arms Rule 1962.


    7. In the event of failure to comply with any or all the above formalities with time as specified in advice Note, the order stands automatically canceled and advance deposited will be refunded after deducting Rs.1000/- as Service/Cancellation Charge. However, GM/SAF reserves the right to extend or refuse to extend the above time limit at his discretion.


    8. Price/Duties/Taxes applicable on the date of actual supply will be applicable / chargeable. Any increase in Taxes/Duties or new levies effective from or prior to the date of supply but coming to the notice of the factory at a later date will also be payable by the customer within one month of demand.


    9. Every effort will be made to effect supplies in sequence of the Priority Number but no guarantee is given to this effect. No liability will be accepted for any change of sequence of supply for any reason what so ever.


    10. No claims of demand of any loss or damage due to delayed execution of order will be entertained.


    11. No responsibility or liability will be accepted for Postal delays.


    12. Right is reserved to cancel any order without assigning any reason and without giving any prior notice. In this event, payments received against such orders will be refunded as due.


    13. No liability is accepted for compensation/interest on advance or full payment received against the order booked with the factory for any reason what so ever.


    14. Notwithstanding what have here-in-fore been stated, Chairman, Ordnance Factory Board, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India reserve the right to sell the

    Revolver to any Govt. Department/Autonomous Bodies/individual at his discretion out of turn.


    15. Revolvers once sold will not be taken back / exchanged for any reason whatsoever.


    16. Except where otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions for sale, all questions and disputes arising in connection with this contract shall be referred to the sole Arbitrator to be appointed by the Chairman, Ordnance Factory Board. It will be no objection that Arbitrator so appointed is a Govt. Servant. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties to this contract. Subject as aforesaid, the Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 and Rules made there under for time being in force shall be deemed to apply to the Arbitration proceedings under this clause.


    17. The above procedure of sale is subject to alteration or modification at any time without any notice at the discretion of the Chairman, Ordnance Factory Board.


    18. Revolvers will not be saleable / transferable for five years from the date of purchase / supply.

    19. All disputes shall be subject to Kanpur jurisdiction only.


    20. Filled Forms are accepted by Registered Post only.


    21. Please send one form in one envelop and write clearly on envelop ‘Application for revolver .32”


    22. In case your license is found fake the amount deposited shall be forfeited.


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