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This is a India Specific Site. It takes about 20-60 days to source the following books and send them to different places in India. For further details email: sales@gunaccessory.com or use the CONTACT FORM.





Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders - Vols. I & II

P.O. Ackley


Cartridges Of The World

Frank C. Barnes


Handloader's Manual of Cartridge Conversions, The

John J. Donnelly



Roy F. Dunlap



George C. Nonte Jr.


Hand Rifling A Muzzle Loading Rifle Barrel At Home

Mark Wagner


Barrels and Actions

Harold Hoffman



Jack Mitchell


Firearms Disassembly With Exploded Views

Karns and Traister


Exploded Long Gun Drawings

Harold Murtz


Firearms Bluing and Browning



Complete Metal Finishing Book, The

Harold Hoffman


Mauser Bolt Action- A Shop Manual, The



Remington 870 and M1100/M11-87 Shotguns - A Shop Manual, The



S&W Revolver- A Shop Manual, The



Firearms Assembly & Disassembly



Shotgun Gunsmithing

Ralph Walker


Winchester Factory Manuals

Miglicio Ent. Inc


Encyclopedia Of Modern Firearms Parts & Assembly, Vol.-I, The

Bob Brownell


M1 Garand, The

Scott Duff


Remington 700, The

John F.Lacy


Springfield 1903 Rifles, The



Mauser Bolt Rifles

Ludwig Olson


Winchester book, The

George Madis


Gun Trader's Guide



Gun digest book of Modern Gun Values

Jack Lewis


Standard Catalog of Firearms



Blue Book Of Gun Values



Art Of Engraving, The

James B.Meek


Professional Stockmaking

David Wesbrook



Alvin Linden


Checkering & Carving of Gunstocks

Monty Kennedy


Fundamentals of Gunstock Checkering

Bill McGuire


Hardening, Tempering & Heat treatment



Soldering and Brazing

Tubal Cain


1. Handbook For Shooters & Reloaders - VOLS. I & II


P.O. Ackley, Volume I. 576 pages. 5½" X 8½. Softbound. Articles by Ackley and others on Time of Flight, Sectional Density, Kill Power and more. Photos and loading data on over 330 wildcat and standard cartridges, DuPont Exterior Ballistics charts included with each book. Volume II, 495 pages. 5½" X 8½". Softbound. Articles on strength of military actions, blow-ups and causes, pressure problems, hardness tests, gunshot wounds, and more. Contains additional loads for Vol. I cartridges, plus over 110 new wildcats and standards.

2. Cartridges Of The World


Frank C. Barnes. 480 pages. 8½" X 11" Softbound. Completely revised edition of this definitive book on all kinds of cartridges-paper, metallic, rimfire, centerfire, new, old, rifle, shotgun, pistol and revolver, factory, wildcat-back to the 1850's. How to identify a mystery cartridge, Military ammo around the world, Historical data, ballistics, photos and drawings, introduction and drop dates, Handy index.

3. The Handloader's Manual Of Cartridge Conversions


John J. Donnelly. 1054 pages. 8" X 10". Softbound. In this magnificent book, Donnelly gives all physical data and "how-to" details to convert 900 obsolete, foreign, metric, wildcat cases into shootable, centerfire ammo. Includes drawings, complete dimensions, loading data; case capacities on each. Vital info on tools, gauges, dies, How to make cases that you cannot buy; how to sub smokeless powder for black. Full index, complete cross references, all data sources.

4. Gunsmithing


Roy F. Dunlap. 712 pages. 6" X 9". Hardbound. One of the most complete and thorough works on gunsmithing ever written. Practical, useful and entertaining information on every phase of gun work from selection of the stock blank on through to the metal engraving and bluing. Tells not only the "what" and "how" but also the "why". Both amateur and professional gunsmith alike will find a wealth of knowledge never available except through trial and error.

5. Pistolsmithing


George C. Nonte Jr., 560 pages. 6½" X 9½". Hardbound. Comprehensive, basic book on art of pistolsmithing. Covers wide variety of actions, firing systems, action feeding methods and curing common malfunctions. Thirty chapters on such things as: Stiff Cylinder rotation, Double-Action/Single-Action Tuning Semi-Auto Pistol for High Performance; Changing Calibers, etc. Excellent troubleshooting reference chart that shows Malfunction-Cause-Cure. A really fine book for the shop doing any pistol work

6. Hand Rifling A Muzzle Loading Rifle Barrel At Home


Mark Wagner. 54 pages. 81/2" X 11". Softcover, spiral binding. Explains the theory and practice of rifling barrels with a hand-powered machine; the way it was done before button rifling and CNC machinery. Line drawings and photos of the author's proven, working machine illustrate the terms and techniques you've seen in print, but never quite understood. Shows the basic dimensions and materials needed to build your own machine, and then rifle barrels with the personal, hand-crafted touch that will give you a real sense of accomplishment.

7. Barrels and Actions


Harold Hoffman. 300 pages, 7" X 81/2". Spiral, softbound, Illustrated, A well written and practical technical manual that covers every aspect of rifle action modification and re-barreling, including making the reamers, cutters, barrel liners, barrel inserts, shotgun barrels and threading and fitting of barrels to actions, Also making all necessary tools and the actual process of making rifle barrels using rifling buttons or rifling cutters, Expanded chapter on heat treating of steel and making heat treat furnaces.

8. Riflesmithing


Jack Mitchell. 256 pages. 81/2" X 11". Softbound. Beginning with special tools, this great book tells how to perform most of the functions of a riflesmith, simple to complex. Covers locking, extraction and ejection, bolt alterations, headspace adjustment, installing scope mounts, bedding and barreling an action, sling swivels, polishing and bluing. Plus, triggers, safeties, rifling and crowning, bolt jeweling, stocking and finishing, care and restoration. Packed with goodies!

9. Firearms Disassembly With Exploded Views


Karns and Traister. 320 pages, 8" X 10". Softbound. Extremely well-illustrated, exploded views of 100 of the most popular handguns, rifles and shotguns; both current-production and obsolete. Complete text on correct disassembly plus ideas and dimension drawings on making parts that are often replaced but currently unavailable, Also includes serial number charts to help identify year of manufacture, sources for parts, parts substitution guide and troubleshooting hints.

10. Exploded Long Gun Drawings


Edited by Harold Murtz. 512 pages. 81/2" X 11". Softbound. A valuable aid for anyone that works on guns. Contains exploded, isometric drawings, part numbers and assembly information for over 500 different rifles and shotguns. Plus, a complete directory of firearms manufacturers, importers, distributors and sources for parts tools, supplies and services brought up-to-date through 1992

11. Firearms Bluing and Browning


R. H. Angier. 155 pages. 51/2" X 81/2". Hardbound. A practical treatise covering the art of rust-type gun bluing. Some 300 formulae for various steels and processes with complete instructions, explaining how guns can be oxidized with solutions compounded at home. For the gunsmith or hobbyist.

12. The Complete Metal Finishing Book


Harold Hoffman. 360 pages. 81/2" X 11". Softbound. An in depth look at all the popular firearms finishes plus the polishing and preparation techniques needed to get the metal ready. Covers the equipment needed and the process itself. Subjects include: Buffing and polishing, blackening, anodizing, plating, stripping of plating, etching and mixing your own, And, there's a list of suppliers for the products and processes.

13. The Mauser Bolt Action - A Shop Manual


Jerry Kuhnhausen. 224 pages. 6" X 9". Softbound. Covers all types and variations of Mauser bolt actions M91 thru M98. Step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions, hundreds of clear photos, illustrations and charts give proven, detailed information for making all types of repairs including sight work, headspace, action work, re-barreling, chambering, custom work and match-grade trigger modifications, Text includes model and parts identification, function and safety checks, correct disassembly/reassembly procedure and complete list of recommended tools and supplies.

14. The Remington 870 and M1100/M11-87 Shotguns - A Shop Manual


Jerry Kuhnhausen. 226 pages. 6" X 9" . Softbound. Step-by-step instructions for inspection, problem identification and, of course, how to fix these guns, Jerry covers the theory so you also know the why; tells you what tools are needed and makes sure you know where the pitfalls are, Filled with excellent photos, detailed, exploded view drawings and even illustrated parts lists for discontinued models.

15. The S&W Revolver- A Shop Manual


Jerry Kuhnhausen. 152 pages. 6" X 9". Softbound. Since the lockwork is essentially the same on all Smiths, the information in this book applies to J, K, L and N frame guns. Covers all the common problems from cracked frames to poor timing and excess end-shake. Tells you how to do custom work like adding a crane locking ball and even goes through polishing and rebluing. Naturally there are full, step-by-step disassembly instructions complete with "how to tell what's damaged" info.

16. Firearms Assembly & Disassembly   (Now in 6 Parts)


J.B. Wood. 288-320 pages. 81/2" X 11". Six excellent volumes covering field stripping and disassembly procedures for many popular firearms. Each gun is introduced with a specification list and description. Followed by detailed, step-by-step photos of disassembly sequence and reassembly tips.

I Auto Pistols (2nd ed.)
II Revolvers (2nd. ed.)
III RimFire Rifles (revised ed.)
IV Center Fire Rifles (revised ed.)
V Shotguns (revised ed.)
VI Law Enforcement

17. Shotgun Gunsmithing


Ralph Walker. 256 pages, 81/2" X 11". Softbound. Covers the shotgun, its repairs and customizing. Includes patterning, headspace, leading and rust problems, 16-ga. conversions, replacement of obsolete barrels; stock fitting. Full explanation of long forcing cone chamber. How chokes work and how to install. Tremendous "how-to" book for the beginner or expert, with info not available elsewhere.

18. Winchester Factory Manuals


81/2" X 11". Softbound. Exact duplicate of the original Winchester factory, step-by-step sequence of takedown and assembly instructions. Large, easy-to-see, black and white line drawings and clear, well written text detail and explain the factory approved method and proper tools for correct takedown and reassembly. Covers only Model 12 Slide Action Shotguns.

19. The Encyclopedia Of Modern Firearms Parts & Assembly, Vol. I


1066 pages, 81/2" X 11". Over 1600 exploded view photos, blueprints, Sketches, Schematic Drawings, Cutaway Photos And Drawings.

Not the work of one man or a dozen, but that of the finest technicians of the entire industry.

Before the publication of The Encyclopedia late in 1959, absolutely no service manual encompassing all American-made guns was available for the gunsmith, dealer or hobbyist. What information was to be had, had to be dug out the hard way-and at best it was skimpy. As the guns covered in The Encylopedia get older, the information becomes even more valuable; what little other info was available has long since gone out of print, original manuals have been lost and today's gunsmith might have to pass up repair or restoration work on "Dad's favorite", without The Encylopedia. It answers hundreds (and thousands!) of questions and problems. As so many have told us after getting their copy: "It paid for itself the first day I owned it-just in time saved alone." Here's what you'll find in your Encylopedia:
DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY TECHNICAL MANUALS - Especially released for The Encyclopedia, they cover base repair and maintenance for the '03 Springfield and later modifications; the 1911 pistol, Remington Models 10 and 11; Winchester Models 12 and 97; Stevens 520/620; Savage 720 and Ithaca 37. All with detailed illustrations and nomenclature lists.
NEW GUN INSTRUCTIONS that most manufacturers issue with each new gun, giving assembly and disassembly instructions, PLUS the extensive GUNSMITH MANUALS of Winchester, Remington and Browning up to the date of printing (late 1959).
UNUSUAL ILLUSTRATIONS from the files of the manufacturers showing the functioning of many of the guns. Most are no longer available, many were never publicly released.
ALL AVAILABLE PARTS ILLUSTRATIONS & LISTS -Many of these are either exploded view or schematic, showing where parts go and in what order they are assembled. "Our illustration is worth 10,000 words!"
ILLUSTRATION OF ALL NEW GUNS being manufactured in the U.S. as of Jan. 1,1959, for which information is available... complete specifications given on each number and model.
DETAILED MEASUREMENTS IN CHART FORM of the thousands of pins, screws, and helical springs shown in all the parts lists. Only those of very unusual construction or function are not shown. The information available in printed form nowhere else in the world.

20. The M1 Garand


Scott Duff. From one of the most respected M1 experts come the most comprehensive books available on the rifle called "...the greatest battle implement ever devised" by no less than General George Patton. Written in Scott's clean, straightforward style. Large, clear photos and line drawings illustrate features and variations for easy identification and repairs.
THE M1 GARAND: WORLD WAR II-Volume I, covering 1900 thru June 1945. 81/2" X 11". 315 pages. Soft cover. 230 photos, 63 data sheets. Covers the development of the rifle from early prototypes to first-production gas trap versions and the changeover to the gas port system. All parts and their functions are described in detail. Photos show inspector stamps, individual components, variations and more. Month-end serial numbers make it easy for the collector to determine date of manufacture while Data sheets chronicle the changes.

21. The Remington 700


John F. Lacy. 208 pages. 81/2" X 11". Hardbound. Fully illustrated history and users manual. Detailed chapters on production numbers, specification and model variation of the 700, 720, 721, 722 and 725 bolt rifles. Well researched and illustrated with never-before-available information from the Remington Factory historian. Includes tips on troubleshooting, Bedding, barrels, sights and triggers.

22. The Springfield 1903 Rifles


Lt. Col. William S. Brophy. USAR, Ret. 616 pages. 9" X 11". Hardbound. The massive lifetime work of the 1903's premier authority, this is the complete, authoritative masterpiece on the subject. His exhaustive research took Brophy into some of the rarest collection in existence, resulting in more than 1500 first quality photos of all models of the gun, its appendages and accessories. Such excessive documentation makes the book a history classic too. It follows the rifle through both World Wars, tracing its development and detailing accessories, appendages, racks, bayonets, scabbards, sights, various models and much more. In fact, everything about the rifles! With the extreme popularity of the Springfield 1903 rifles through the years-a fascination closely akin to an auto buff's love for classic cars - this book is a monument to these rifles, passionately and wonderfully presented. A must for every gun lover and collector - covering one of our most famous and best loved military rifles in detail and with superb documentation never before attempted or achieved.

23. Mauser Bolt Rifles


Invaluable to gunsmiths, collectors & gun lovers.....
MAUSER BOLT RIFLES is the most complete, precise, authoritative and comprehensive work ever done on Mauser bolt rifles... so inclusive that a thorough knowledge of it will make you a Mauser expert in your own right! Within its covers are: Exhaustive data on each development, all specific characteristics, variations, models, innovations, modifications. Countries who made or bought Mausers and their changes and markings. Complete ammo data, ballistics. effectiveness and uses. How to identify details. "how-it-works" drawings/pictures with step-by-step instructions. Foreign and contract rifles. Sporters including Oberndorf and foreign models. Experimental rifles. And, pictures - hundreds of beautifully photographed original rifles, many so rare they are not even in museums, but hidden in the finest private collections. Makes positive identification of valuable collectibles sure and easy. Saves bucks and embarrassment at gun shows and in the shop. There are so many thousands of Mauser rifles in the U.S. that you cannot trade, fix or collect guns without encountering them - making the book an invaluable tool of the trade on your bench or in your library, For, if Mauser made it, designed or developed it and it was a bolt rifle-it's in the book!
372 large size 81/2" X 11" pages. Over 672 photos, drawings, exploded views, cutaways. Hundreds of charts, spec tables, data tables and symbols. Thoroughly cross-indexed not only by Model, but also by variations, Countries, accessories used and people in Mauser's history. Extensive bibliography, listing all the books, catalogs, articles and foreign sources. Detailed listing of all the people who helped. Everything about Mauser bolt rifles is here- and to know and understand Mauser rifles is to understand all rifles...for this is the one they all copied. And, it is all in one magnificent volume.
An extremely handsome, lavishly illustrated book. Deluxe hardbound cloth cover. Bound a special way to lie flat. Printed on the finest, dull-finished, coated pater to bring out every minute detail in the photographs and drawings. Extensive use of background color helps highlight many of the precise lie drawings. All proff marks and Country marks shown greatly enlarged for easy, positive identification of those marks on guns. No effort has been spared to be sure that in your gunsmithing, collecting or firearms hobby you can use the book easily - and frequently - confident that MAUSER BOLT RIFLES is the ultimate, encyclopedic source with everything you need right at your fingertips.

24. The Winchester book


George Madis. 640 pages. 81/2" X11". Deluxe hand binding. This is the classic and authoritative "Big Book" on Winchester identification for the novice or advanced specialist. Lists all models and all variations, however minor. Includes 1800 sharp, clear photographs plus many drawings. Incredible attention given to details and variations with many close-ups, highlighting differences. Extensive examples of engraving, marking, minute details. Unparalleled for identifying all Winchesters.

25. Gun Trader's Guide


512 pages, 8" X 10". Softbound. Totally revised. Features nearly 6000 different makes and models manufactured between 1900 and today. Over 2700 illustrations of the most widely collected rifles, shotguns and handguns from all nations. Invaluable to collectors, traders, gun shops and individuals who want to know the real worth of guns. Full descriptions and specs to make positive I.D. Index of guns and gun makers.

26. Gun Digest Book Of Modern Gun Values (11th edition)


Ken Ramage. 608 pages, 81/2" X 11". Softbound. Updated prices on over 7500 firearms. Complete specs on U.S. and imported, non-military handguns, rifles and shotguns from 1900. Colour condition evaluation section. Listed by factory; descriptions, manufacturing, importation, discontinuation dates. 3000+ photos.

27. Standard Catalog of Firearms (12th Edition)


704 pages. 81/2" X 11". Softbound. From the publishers of 'The Gun List'. Descriptions and values on more than 10,000 guns from 1000 manufacturers, in alphabetical order. Good, clean photos and descriptions on new production and antique guns. Many unusual current and antique foreign guns are included.

28. Blue Book Of Gun Values (21st edition)


S. P. Fjestad. 1408 pages 6" X 9". Softbound. Complete guide that lists over 45000 prices for 600+ manufacturers. Includes accurate model descriptions, dates of manufacture, proof-marks, and percentage value pricing for current and discontinued; domestic, foreign and military guns, major trademark antiques, and commemorative models. 39 pages of 4color, high resolution photographs clearly show examples of various firearms in 0%-100% condition and explain the Percentage Grading System to help dealers, investors and collectors know the accurate value of any firearm.

29. The Art Of Engraving


James B Meek. THE ART OF ENGRAVING brings to the reader-for the first time ever a complete, authoritative, imaginative and detailed introduction and training in the art of gun engraving. It is a supremely unique book, for not only does it sweep aside the mystery which has surrounded engraving through the centuries, but it factually, simply and in layman's terms tells you how to engrave. Unlike so-called "instruction manuals", THE ART OF ENGRAVING does not assume you know anything about engraving. You start at the beginning by learning to draw scrolls and layouts, then cut practice plates until you are sure enough of your ability to actually proceed to designing a pattern, transferring it to a gun and cutting it into the steel. Whether you want to learn to engrave now...think you might like to in the future...or simply wish to broaden your knowledge of the art to be able to better judge the work of others (as you will learn to tell the good from the bad - and know why), this is the book for you.
Every gunsmith, gun lover or craftsman - no matter what his other calling-has the soul of an artist. This personal, creative urge can be easily directed into the highly remunerative field of gun engraving through the coaching, n-nonsense instructions and technical support in THE ART OF ENGRAVING. Chapters include: Design and Layout; Materials; Anatomy; Lettering; The Camera; Beginning to Engrave; Advanced Engraving and The Gravermeister. Hundreds of original engravings, designs and layouts by the author (plus samples from other master engravers) to explain specific points and techniques. Much of the original work is intended for you to copy and transfer to your own guns to create an engraving job you can be proud of having done.
208 extremely handsome 81/2" X 11" pages. Over 1378 photographs, drawings, designs, layouts and illustrations. Deluxe hardbound cloth covers. Bound a special way to lie flat. Printed on finest, dull-finished, coated paper available. Extensive use of color to highlight designs, illustrations, pictures. Thoroughly cross-referenced index. Comprehensive listing of reference books of design, equipment, precious metals, books. Written to be used on your bench; magnificent enough for the parlor...but above all, intended to tech you how to engrave a gun.

30. Professional Stockmaking


David Wesbrook. 308 pages. 9" X 12". Hardbound. A hands-on. step-by-step, beautifully illustrated instruction manual for building rifle stocks. Written by a respected stockmaker, it covers everything from inletting and shaping, to fitting the stock to the shooter, all the way to final finishing. Large, easy-reading text with crisp, clear photos walks you through the process of turning a semi-inlet blank into a fine custom stock.

31. Stockmaking


Alvin Linden. 139, 81/2"X 11" pages, plus three, 241/2" X 38", two-sided drawings. Hardbound. Bob Brownell used to tell about two old gun nuts watching the world go by and the first remarking, upon viewing a particularly shapely woman's legs, "Boy, don't you wish they could make a gunstock that purty?" His pal replied, "Alvin Linden does". In this combined reprint of the three original Samworth booklets, Linden himself shows, and tells you, how to start from a full blank and create a classic rifle stock; he even includes six, full-size patterns for the Winchester 70, Springfield '03 and 1917 Enfield. With the principles you learn, you'll be able to adapt them to any body action. Chapters cover inletting, shaping and finishing, and are written with lots of humor and little personal asides about his own "gun-butchering" that make reading the book feel as though Linden is talking just to you.

32. Checkering & Carving of Gunstocks


Monty Kennedy. 244 pages. 81/2" X 11". Hardbound. Checkering And Carving Of Gunstocks meets the demand for a treatise covering this art of gunstock ornamentation. It is an extensive and specialized work of 244 text pages and some 300 technical illustrations that cover its subject fully from both utilitarian and decorative standpoints. Kennedy is a topflight professional gunstocker with several years of steady work at the checkering cradle. In addition to the author's own work, methods and tools used by such men as: Tom Shelhamer, Leonard Mews, John Hearn, Leighton Baker, Keith Stegall, Hal Hartley, Roy Dunlap and Lenard Brownell.

33. Fundamentals Of Gunstock Checkering


By Master Stockmaker, Bill McGuire. 13 pages, 51/2" X 81/2". Softbound. An introduction to checkering for the beginner. Explains each tool's function, guides you in selecting, using them correctly, Shows how to layout a pattern and finish a checkering job. 34 drawings

34. Hardening, Tempering & Heat Treatment


124 pages. 53/4" X 81/2". Softbound. Explains the principles of the hardening process, then goes into extensive details on Heating and Quenching, Tempering, Equipment, Casehardening, Measurement of Hardness, Home-Built Furnaces, Cutting Tools and more. Excellent tables, graphs and charts.

35. Soldering and Brazing


Tubal Cain. 136 pages. 51/2" X 81/2". Softbound. Comprehensive handbook for the small shop. 11 chapters and appendices detail the hows and whys of correctly using soft solders, brazing alloys, fluxes and tools for soldering. Plus, brazing techniques and equipment, capillary joint design and safety precautions, brazing alloys, fuel gases and hazards of cadmium alloys.

For further details email: sales@gunaccessory.com or use the CONTACT FORM.




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