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The Arms Directory has been classified into seven sub categories as listed below:
  -Repair Workshops
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  -Air Gun Suppliers
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We have compiled the data of all the Registered Arms Dealers in India, which are categorised State and District vise. We have provided all the information which we could lay our hands on. We are in the process of dispatching a circular to all the Arms Dealers to get their updated contact information. Contact information will include Telephone, Fax, Email, Mobile, Website info. We propose to delete by the end of year 2004 the entry of those Arms Dealers who do not provide us at least their telephone numbers. This way non-working and non-existent Arms Dealers will be weeded out.


Some links are not working and will be shortly corrected. Please bear with us for the inconvenience caused.

Please check your entry and if you need updating, use the Listing Form to update/ List your firm in the database.


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