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.315" Sporting Rifle

MODEL "SP" (Without telescope) MODEL "SPT" (With telescope)


The Rifle

    .315” Sporting Rifle (Model – SP and SPT) are individual weapons for shooting and self-defense. Model SPT is developed to facilitate safe shooting from a distance of 300 yards. It is light in weight, easy operating, air cooled, bolt action, Magazine fed, Shoulder rest Rifles. Outstanding ease in handling makes both the models (SP & SPT) an unique Rifle in its class. A Safety Lever placed at the end of body maintains safety of rifle. SPT model has an additional Telescope of 3X magnification on left side of body with Bracket Housing for Telescope.

Method of Operation

    Forward movement of Bolt Breech carries cartridge from magazine and feeds it in chamber. Rifle is ready to fire when      cartridge is set in chamber and rotating handle of bolt downwards locks Bolt Breech. Lever Catch Safety indicates firing position, Pull the trigger for fire. After fire, unlock Bolt Breech and pull it backward firmly to eject the cartridge.

Rifle is positioned for fire :- Grasp the Rifle keeping left hand on Stock Fore End and right hand on front bottom end of stock Butt with index finger resting on outside the Guard Trigger. Set Stock Butt firmly against shoulder near cheek to keep a steady aim.

Safety Precautions
  • Do not leave Rifle cocked, even if not loaded.

  • Make sure that the Safety Lever is on safe position whenever-

  • If jamming occurs while firing, remove Magazine first before carrying out any inspection.

  • For preserving Rifle after fire, remove Magazine, empty the case by sliding out the cartridges, clean Rifle and keep catch safety in safe position.

  • Visually ensure that no ammunition remains in chamber after rearward movement of bolt.

  • Use specified cartridge only.

  1. Clean and oil the Rifle periodically (once in a month).

  2. Wipe out traces of oil film from barrel bore, chamber, and face of head breech bolt before fire.

  3. Remove shoot/gun powder ash from barrel bore and chamber after fire. In case of heavy deposit, wash with light alkaline soap. This is essential to avert accident causing buldging out and bursting of Barrel.

  4.  Thoroughly wipe out water.

  5. Thoroughly oil the Rifle parts after use.

  6. The weapon is not warranted against use of unspecified Ammunition and damage due to poor maintenance including rusting in barrel bore and other parts.

  1. Keep and carry Rifle unloaded.
  2. Use dry, high quality specified ammunition-Small arms ball 8 mm/0.315" with 244 grain.
  3. Ensure that Safety Lever is in safe position. Unless you want to fire form the Rifle.
  4. Always be aware of risks from dropping of loaded rifle.
  5. Learn firing in presence of knowledgeable person.
  6. Ensure that Barrel bore, Chamber are clean and clear of obstructions.
  7. Ensure Rifle is unloaded before cleaning.
  8. Use only specified ammunition.
  1. Never use your Rifle other than shooting.
  2. Never point your rifle at anything you do not intend to fire.
  3. Never take anyone's word that Rifle is not loaded.
  4. Never leave loaded rifle unattended.
  5. Never drink alcohol or drug before shooting.
  6. Never cock Rifle until you are ready to fire
  7. Never shoot against hard surface.
  8. Avoid firing if there is water in the Barrel
  9. Avoid alter any unspecified spare parts
  10. Never use unspecified ammunition
1. Calibre
.315"/8 mm
2. Magazine
Box type, capacity 5 cartridges
3. Barrel Length
About 25.20"/64 8mm
4. Lenght of Rifle
44"/1117 mm approx
5. Wt. of Rifle
Approximately 7lbs. 6Ozs/3.34 Kgs
6. Safety
On left rear end of receiver (Body)
7. Range
275 Mtrs
8. Ammunition
S.A. Ball 8 mm/.315" Sporting available with 244 grain soft nose bullet
9. Telescope



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