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Our parent company ‘S. Jaswant Singh & Co.’ was established in the year 1947 and is the most reputed concern in the business of Arms and Ammunition. Having dealt with the Arms Act 1887, Arms Act 1959 and Arms Rules 1962, we have a vast experience regarding the law and procedures relating to the trade of Arms and Ammunition. We have the largest and the most sophisticated Arms Repair Workshop, which is now dedicated to the production of Arms Spares. A new firm Gunaccessory.Com was established in 2000 dedicated to the production of non-licensed Arms Accessories. Both the firms are being run by two qualified engineers, one of them has vast experience in the production of Armaments for defense and the other is an electronics engineer. The firm is now supplying permitted spares, accessories and gunsmithy tools to both the Dealers and Gun Factories.


We have seen that most of the Arms Dealers need updated information regarding laws, procedures, government notifications and updated Arms Dealers Directory for which a cost effective medium for propagation of information is required. There is also a need for a common platform where all the Arms Dealers can meet and interact directly for the sale and purchase of Arms and Ammunition eliminating middle-man which jacks up the price substantially. There are also many slow moving items with the Arms Dealer are stuck up with and needs wide publicity for its disposal.
To fulfill the above needs we have started an Internet based web site where the following information is available to everyone:-
a) Complete Arms Act 1959 and Arms Rules 1962.
b) Procedures for obtaining Arms Licenses, common Arms related Forms and link to an Arms Expert High Court Lawyer to answer your questions.
c) Arms Dealer Directory with separate entries for Arms Dealers, Whole-sellers, Repair Workshops, Accessories Suppliers, Air Gun Suppliers and Security/ Hunting Goods Suppliers with names and telephone numbers.
d) Indian Ordnance Factory Board and top gun related websites.
e) Detailed information about IOF Products.
f) Arms Trade related News column – You are welcome to share news with others.
g) New Products introduced in the market.

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