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Indian Arms Act 1959


Detailed Index

  1. Chapter I (Preliminary) - Chapter II (Acquisition, Possesion, Manufacture, Sale, Import, Export & Transport of Arms and Ammunition
  2. Chapter III (Provisions relating to licences)
  3. Chapter IV (Powers and Procedures)
  4. Chapter V (Offences and Penalties)
  5. Chapter VI (Miscellaneous)

Indian Arms Rules 1962


Detailed Index

  1. Rule 1-5 (Interpretation, classification, licenceing authorities)
  2. Rule 6-14 (Regarding possesion, restriction, control, retainers etc.)
  3. Rule 15-24 (Regarding licence details, age limit, other arms, manufacture, Repair, Sale, Proof Testing etc.)
  4. Rule 25-31 (Regarding identification marks, records, import of arms etc.)
  5. Rule 32-36 (Regarding tourist licence, export of arms etc.)
  6. Rule 37-40 (Regarding transport of arms and licences for import transport etc.)
  7. Rule 41-45 (Regarding tranport of arms by King of Nepal, transit licence, safe custody)
  8. Rule 46-47 (Deposit of Arms and Ammunition)
  9. Rule 48-52 (Regarding inspection, records of arms and ammunition, forms of licence)
  10. Rule 53-56 ( Regarding renewal, variation of conditions, procedure, appeal)
  11. Rule 57-64 (Regarding fees, collection, dealers registers, production of arms and licences before authorities)

    SCHEDULE I (Categories of arms)
    SCHEDULE II (Licensing authorities etc.)
    SCHEDULE III (Licences in various forms)
    SCHEDULE IV (Fees)



Q1. What is the procedure for obtaining an Arms License as described in the Act?
Q2. What leads to refusal of licence?
Q3. Explain about the duration and renewal of license?
Q4. Explain how variation, suspension and revocation of licenses can be done?
Q5. What is the procedure of Appeal as prescribed by the Act?
Q6. In what conditions arrest of person conveying arms etc., under suspicious circumstances can take place?
Q7. Explain about the deposit of arms, etc., on possession ceasing to be lawful?
Q8. What is the procedure of search and seizure by the Magistrate?
Q9. Explain the procedure of search and seizure of vessels, vehicles for arms, etc.?
Q10. Explain about the penalty for keeping arms etc. without any authorisation?
Q11. What is the punishment for using arms in contravention of this Act?
Q12. What is the punishment for dealing of unlawful arms?
Q13. What is the punishment for contravention of license or rule?
Q14. Explain the power to confiscate the arms?
Q15. Explain about criminal responsibility of persons in occupation of premises in certain cases? 

Arms Forms

  1. Forms for applying a new Arms Licence:
  2. Authority Letters:
  3. Indian Ordnance Factory (IOF) Arms Booking Forms:
  4. Affidavit (For the Sale of Arms/ Ammunition)
  5. 45- Days Sale Notice.
  6. Sale Certificate
  7. Application for Entry of Weapon in Arms License
  8. Application for Deletion of Weapon from Arms License.
  9. Application for Extension of P.P. of Arms License
  10. Application for Renewal of Arms License
  11. No Objection Certificate
  12. Form for Depositing Licence Fee. i.e. Challan Receipt (Instead of 32-A Challan Form used previously.)
  13. License for Carrying Arms and Ammunition on a Journey in or through any Part of India i.e. Form VII
  14. License for Import of Arms and Ammunition i.e. Form XVI.
  15. License for Export and Re-Import/Import, Transport and Re-Export of Arms and Ammunition i.e. Form XIX
  16. License for the Transport of Arms and Ammunition i.e. Form XX.

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