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  1. Short title
  2. Interpretation
  3. Classification of arms or ammunition
  4. Licensing authority and forms of licenses
  5. Appellate authorities
  6. Reasons to be communicated to the appellate authority in certain cases
  7. Direction and control over licensing authorities
  8. Restriction in granting licences for acquisition, possession or carrying of arms or ammunition of category I
  9. Copies of licences of categories I and II to be sent to certain authorities
  10. Possession of arms or ammunition for certain purposes to include use thereof
  11. Restriction may be imposed by Central Government
  12. [Omitted]
  13. Of retainers
  14. Licences for protection of crops and cattle
  15. Licence for target practice
  16. Age limit for training and target practice
  17. Traveler's (temporary) licence
  18. Application of Sec. 4 of the Act
  19. Arms other than fire-arms
  20. Manufacture, conversion, shortening, repair, test, sale, etc., of arms or ammunition
  21. Conversion, repair, test, sale, etc.
  22. Proof-testing of firearms
  23. Licensing authorities to furnish information to the District Magistrate
  24. Sale or keeping for sale certain arms and ammunition
  25. Identification marks on firearms
  26. Records of transactions in arms and ammunition
  27. Inspection of premises, stock and record
  28. Restrictions upon import or export for re-import of arms or ammunition
  29. Import by sea or air
  30. Vessels entering the territorial waters of India
  31. Import by land or river of arms and ammunition
  32. Bringing of arms or ammunition into India by "bona-fide" tourists
  33. Of exports
  34. Export by land or river of arms and ammunition
  35. Export and re-import of arms and ammunition by sea or air
  36. Arms or ammunition to be delivered to Customs Collector in certain cases
  37. Prohibition of transport of arms and ammunition
  38. Transport of arms or ammunition
  39. Licence for import, transport, and re-export of arms and ammunition
  40. Scrutiny by authorities of consignment containing arms and ammunition
  41. Production and delivery of licence for import/export/transport
  42. Import, transport and export of arms and ammunition for the Government of Nepal or the King of Nepal
  43. Transport of arms from any place in Nepal to any other place in Nepal through Indian Territory
  44. Transit licences for bona fide travelers
  45. Licence to keep in custody arms and ammunition
  46. Deposit of arms and ammunition under Sec. 21
  47. Deposit of arms and ammunition for safe custody otherwise than under Sec. 21
  48. Records and returns of the articles deposited
  49. Inspection
  50. Previous consent in certain cases
  51. Application for licence    51.  -A.
  52. Form of licences
  53. Variation of conditions of licences
  54. Renewal of licence
  55. Appeal against the order of a licensing authority or an authority suspending or revoking a licence under Sec. 17 (6)
  56. Procedure to be followed by the appellate authority
  57. Fees payable for licences
  58. Fee payable for copies and duplicates
  59. Fee payable on a petition for appeal made under Sec. 18 (1)
  60. Collection of fees
  61. Dealers to maintain registers, etc. in certain case6-
  62. Production of licences
  63. Production of arms
  64. Savings

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